Role for a Change is a 2-years project that aims to explore roleplaying and LARP (Live Action Role Playing) as a methodological framework in which the organizations can propose educational activities to promote the acquisition of personal, social and professional competences among diverse target groups. The project idea was initiated with the aim of supporting all youngsters and especially of those with fewer opportunities during the pandemic that struck globally in spring 2020. While lockdowns were issued across the globe, organizations had to find alternative approaches to move their educational offers online, while keeping supporting the psychological and physical wellbeing of the youths. Roleplaying provided the youngsters with the opportunity of experiencing community through online games, while fighting isolation and social distancing.

On one side, through a strategic and structured approach, the project will examine the uses that role-playing allows in educational contexts. Role-playing and LARP can be seen as containers of individual and community experiences for the development of competences, practical skills, critical thinking, empathy and entrepreneurship; tools to create group relationships, to communicate, facilitating creativity and therefore growth.


Role for a Change is a KA2 project that gathers new needs and approaches with the already happening strategies, which are carried on by the involved organizations:


established in Italy

Roes Cooperativa KOIN.S.EP.

established in Greece

INspire, z. s.

established in Czech Republic

100% Aventura – Associação de Desporto e Natureza

established in Portugal


established in Germany


 established in The Republic of North Macedonia