Fairy tales scenes

Improvisation. Practice of being-seen. 2 actors are playing a scene. Audience can clap anytime, replace one of the actors and change the scene. 

type: improtheatre

  • to get comfortable with improvisation on the spot while being in an unpredictable situation;
  • to get comfortable with being-seen;
  • to develop creativity.

no. of players: 4-15
time: 20-30 min
prep time:
materials: none
RPG: no


  • 2 volunteers chooses a fairy tale characters and start to play a random scene. 

  • Anytime the audience clap, actors freeze. 

  • The one who claps will go front, tap one of the actors on the shoulder and replace them in exactly the same position. This person is entering a new fairy tale character, therefore changing the scene. The second actor needs to adapt to the situation.

  • Actors continue in the new situation until other audience members clap.

For facilitators:

  • Remind them to embrace the “yes and” principle. In the improv, actors are not complaining “no, it is not like this”. They accept what the other is offering and playing with it.

  • Encourage them to be silly and do whatever. Any situation is ok. 

  • Urge the audience to clap. If needed, the facilitator can go by example and replace one of the actors. 

  • Pay attention to the “audience” who didn’t take an active role yet. You can encourage them to try but don’t force them to (especially not the shy one). Challenge by choice. (Should it help, the shy one can ask the audience to turn around, and the clapping can happen anytime without knowing what is going on at the stage.)

For reflection:

  • How do you feel?

  • How was it for you? What was the easiest/hardest? What was the most fun?

  • What can you take from this to playing a larp?


Warm-up for LARP “Who is playing”: https://larpovadatabaze.cz/larp/kdo-si-hraje/cs/569