Falling circle

Participants form a circle. Person in the middle falls on others. This activity is supporting building trust.

type: ice-breaker
purpose: trust, connection, care
no. of players: 4-7 per circle
time: 2 min per person
prep time:
RPG: no


  • The group forms a small circle. 
  • One of the participants stands in the centre, with arms crossed as if to protect his or her chest, eyes closed and legs crossed: it is important that those in the center remain completely rigid. 
  • The supporters are properly prepared for their responsibility and are distributed around the participant in such a way that a high level of safety can be consistently ensured. 
  • The two phases of the activity are explained. The group at this point can decide if any member should change position in the circle.
  • Phase I: The person in the middle of the circle drops, the group supports him by rocking him. 
  • Phase II: Group members, possibly without talking, observe the person in the middle. If everyone agrees (the participant in the centre is relaxed but still with a rigid body) they bring him down and then, all together, lift him up above their heads. Once lifted, the group brings the participant back to the ground, lying down, rocking him gently.

    During the second phase, it is important to:

1. Position the hands well (“paddle” position with back facing down)
2. Make sure the upper body (from head to waist) is where the majority of the group is concentrated
3. Legs do not stand higher than the rest of the body