Flying circle

Participants need to hold a hula hoop type of a ring on an index finger and lower it on the ground as a group. 

type: ice-breaker, energizer
purpose: cooperation, communication, team-work
no. of players: 5-10 per ring
time: 15-30 min
prep time:
materials: 1 hula hoop type of ring per group
RPG: no


  • Put the participants in a circle.
  • Display a plastic Hula Hoop type ring.
  • Ask participants to put their arms forward and keep their hands closed by pointing only their index fingers.
  • Rest the ring on their fingertips. Have the group adjust so that the ring is horizontal and the tips of everyone’s index fingers (of both hands) touch it.
  • Now explain that the challenge is to lower the ring to the ground by giving some rules:


Goal: to lower the ring to the ground.


  • Each person’s index finger must be in contact with the ring at all times.
  • Pinching or grabbing the ring is not allowed, the ring must rest on top of the fingers.
  • If someone’s finger does not touch the ring or it is held in a manner not in line with the given rules, the activity will be restarted.

For facilitators:

  • Especially in the early stages, the ring tends to mysteriously “float” rather than descend, causing much laughter. Some clever humour on the part of those running the group can help, for example: acting surprised and asking what they are doing, why they are raising the ring instead of lowering it.
  • Participants may be initially confused.
  • Some groups or individuals (often larger groups) after 5-10 minutes of trying may be inclined to give up, feeling that the goal cannot be achieved or is too difficult.
  • The facilitator may offer direct suggestions or suggest that the group stop the activity, discuss the strategy, and then make another attempt.
  • Less often a group may succeed too quickly. Pay particular attention to fingers not touching the ring. Also make sure participants lower the ring all the way down.

For reflection:

  • How did u feel during the exercise?
  • What was happening? How come you were failing?
  • What helped you to succeed? / How come you failed?
  • What can you take from it for the future?