I Give You Holy Grail

Theatrical warm-up that trains portraying emotions and personality traits

type: energizer

  • to have an easy, entertaining warm-up
  • to get comfortable with getting into a role
  • to realize the range of emotions available
  • to play with portraying emotions and personality traits

no. of players: 4-15
time: 5-20 min
prep time:
materials: none
RPG: no


1) Facilitator gathers people to stand in a circle.

2) Facilitator explains the activity:

  • The 1st person (possibly the facilitator) acts as if they held a big goblet and approaches a random 2nd person in the circle, saying: “I give you the Holy Grail” This sentence is said in an emotional voice (fearful, triumphant, disgusted, suspicious…).
  • The 2nd person accepts the Holy Grail and says: “I have the Holy Grail!” with the same emotion, but they make it more intense.
  • The two people next to the 2nd person say: “She/He has the Holy Grail!” and they mimic the same emotion, but they make it even more intense. 
  • The 2nd person approaches another random person in the circle and delivers the Holy Grail by saying: “I give you the Holy Grail” with a different emotion in their voice.
  • The cycle is repeated until the facilitator stops the activity.

For facilitators:

  • Make sure people don’t spend too much time thinking. This activity should be quick, energising, and people should be ready to react.
  • Encourage people to be silly, to get over-the-top, and be more energetic. They can get as intense as possible. The more intense and silly, the more fun the activity is.
  • It might be useful to check people’s pronouns before starting the activity.

For reflection:

  • How was portraying emotions for you?
  • What was easy/hard for you?
  • What helped you to portrait emotion successfully?