IO1: Manual of the project

The toolbox in this section aims to introduce trainers and youth workers in the vast world of edu-rpg.

Inside this manual you will find theoretical coordinates but also practical tips and activities you might want to use for your laboratories and trainings.

No experience needed!

You will find out

  • what a role playing game is

  • what the major types of it are

  •  how and why it can be used efficiently in educational field as a tool 

  • how to generate stories, characters, how to role play them
  • how to guarantee a safe space for participants

  • how to monitor success

  •  what are some activities related to rpg that you might want to consider

  • and many other topics

The manual is meant to be used as a mere guideline that introduces this tool and stimulates the creativity of the reader: so feel free to use, skip, and adapt the content to your own needs.

May all your rolls be nat 20s!

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