Mosque in Sleepyville

Warm-up activities through a popular outdoor game we played as children: Tag. Discover in a playful way without shame, acquiring basic acting skills.

type: ice-breaker, energizer
purpose: To boost players’ spontaneity, creativity, collaboration, thinking on the spot and being trusted by non-verbal communication principles.
no. of players: 5-100
time: 10-15 min
prep time:
materials: none
RPG: yes


  • Let’s form shelters by groups of 2-3 players hugging each other next to each other. 
  • For the game to begin with:
    • one volunteer is the Cat imitating it with the sounds “niaou” and pointing nails like a cat, and
    • one is the mouse imitating it with the sounds “mememehmeh” and having hands under the chin.
  • Then Cat is chasing the Mouse so as to catch it (touch it softly). 
  • The mouse can avoid the cat once it hugs any of the external persons of any shelter. So the aim of its one of them is clear.
  • The time a mouse touches a shelter, the person from the other side of the same shelter becomes the cat and the previous cat is transformed into a mouse.
  • In case of the group is running fast and effectively with the flow, we can introduce the Dog element. The aim of the dog (barking, and making dog-ears with his palms) is to catch the cat and at the same time to avoid the mouse which is chased by it.
  • Round ends when the cat catches a mouse or fails to do so in a given time limit.

For facilitators:

  • Remind and foster every time players use the sounds and movements of imitating any of the animals.
  • The shelters are not moving but the participants who are shaping them may be about to change every time the mouse is approaching.

For reflection:

  • How was “acting out” a dog/cat/mice? What did you enjoy about it?