Participants get a keyword and need to grab anything and act as if it would be the tool. 

type: energizer
purpose: To boost players spontaneity, creativity, and thinking outside of the box.
no. of players: 2-100
time: 5-15 min
prep time:
materials:Anything that is around
RPG: no


Facilitator: “Now, I will say a tool and you will need to grab anything and use it as a prop that represent that tool. E.g., I say ‘sword’ and you grab the first thing you see and act as if it is a sword.”

Examples of tools:

  • Crown
  • Apple
  • Horse
  • Boxing gloves
  • Gun
  • Magic wand
  • Rose
  • cape, etc.

For facilitators:

Urge people to be in a rush and not to think about what they are taking. It doesn’t matter what they are holding but their attitude while holding it. Ultimate usage of a Props is not holding any prop and still creating a successful illusion you have one. 

For reflection:

  • How do you feel?
  • How was it for you?
  • What can you take from this to playing a larp?


warm-up for LARP “Who is playing”: