Removal of Diamond

A valuable diamond (a tennis ball) must be transported to a place that no man can access, and placed on a pedestal. The diamond is placed on top of a ring, to which several strings are tied. Each team member takes the end of the lanyard.

type: game
purpose: cooperation, communication, team-work
no. of players: 10 -12 people
time: 20-30 min
prep time: 5 min
materials: tennis ball, rope (for making a circle)
RPG: no


  • Attach strings of equal lengths to the ball
  • Build a circle on the ground (area that cannot be entered). 
  • Put a tube less wide than the ring on which the diamond will be placed, positioned inside the circle.



Story: a valuable diamond needs to be carried to safety, following safety precautions. 

Goal: place the diamond on a tube. 


  • The only thing you can touch is the string
  • Everybody has to be holding a string. 
  • If the diamond fall off, teams starts again.


  • How was it?
  • What happened?
  • What do you take from it?