Spider's Web

Participants need to get through rope-web in between two trees without touching the net, or using the same whole twice. Cooperative, team-building game..

type: outdoor game
purpose: cooperation, communication, team-work
no. of players: 6-20 people per group
time: 30-60 min
prep time: 30 min
materials: 2 Ropes long enough to be stretched between two trees;
strings (and or twine) to build the “spider web.
RPG: no


  • Create a web from a rope in between 2 trees. 
  • Holes need to be big enough for people to get through.
  • There should be more holes than players. 


Story: The web blocks your path to safety. Be careful, however, because the web is extremely poisonous and every time a team member touches it, the challenge is restarted.

Goal:  the entire group to cross the spider web without touching it or using the same way twice. 


  • All group needs to get on the other side
  • The same path (hole) can be used only once.  
  • Nothing (including clothing) may touch any part of the web, nor the structure that supports it. If anybody touches the web, the challenge is restarted.  
  • The group must complete the activity safely, otherwise the activity will be terminated. 
  • If the guidelines are violated, the group will have to start the challenge again. 
  • A total time is given to the group to pass the test (e.g., 40 min.) or give the group a time to work out a shared strategy (e.g., 10/15 min.) during which “rehearsals” can be done; give a time to pass the test (e.g., 25/30 min.).  

For reflection:

  • How are you doing?
  • How did the group work?  Do you feel that everyone (including yourself) had a chance to express their opinion?
  • Do you feel that anyone facilitated the process?
  • Can you identify if and how many “roles” were “played” during the activity?
  • If you were to create a “recipe” for teamwork what “ingredients” (learning outcomes) should be included?
  • Are there situations in your real life where these learning outcomes are played out?
  • After this experience I think I should:……..