Ready-made training for you

Information on IO3: Training Publication.

We present you a ready-made training course on the usage of RPGs (role-playing games) for education.
Feel free to use and adapt to your liking.

In September 2022, we did a 7 days training course (including arrival and departure) on the usage of RPGs in education.


We described it thoroughly and are giving it to you!

In following booklet, you will find:

  • how we planned it,
  • what methods we used and what approached we had,
  • the program including description of specific activities,
  • good tips before the preparation,
  • our experiences from its implementation.

You can get inspired on how to do similar project yourself.

You can take what we created and implemented it exactly as we did it…

… or you can adjust it to your liking, and mainly to liking of your target group.

And you can also ask us questions in case something is not clear, or if you need an advice.


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Vojtěch Žák

coordinator of webinars Role4Change