TTRPG: Lasers & Feelings

Divide the group into 6 teams of 5 people. In each team, you need 1 person who already has experience with TTRPG, who will take the role of a Game Master. Its players will agree on what competence they want to train in the session. The group task is to create a condition during the game for practising the competence. 

type: TTRPG
purpose: learning how to use TTRPG for education
no. of players: 5 per group (
time: 5-15 min
prep time: 15 min
materials: rule sheets, at least 3 dices (D6) per group,
RPG: yes


  • Print at least 1 rule sheet per group 
  • Pre-select game-masters and brief them on what is coming


  1. Present game masters and ask participants to make a group of 5 with them
  2. Explain the flow



– Group will find a comfortable place to play.
– Players have 5 minute to brainstorm on a group learning focus, ie. “effective communication, stress management, morality question, etc.”. It is a whole group task to work towards that learning focus.
– GM explains the rules of L&F.
– players create characters and adventures together.
– they can play until 12:00 when they should begin a reflection


Group reflection:

Is led by the GM, who needs to be briefed on how to do it. 

    1. How do you feel now?
    2. What did you learn about our learning focus?
    3. What can you take from it for life?


    • All participants gather in the circle, and you open a discussion on a usage of TTRPG for educating 
    • Note: if the group is too big, you can divide it to 3 teams, each with a single facilitator. Be sure to mash them up, so the players from the same group are in different discussion teams.