Two-way rescue

Participants need to create pairs. One of the pairs will close eyes and fall on the other. This activity is supporting building trust.

type: ice-breaker,
purpose: trust, connection, care
no. of players: 2 to unlimited  (even numbers)
time: 5-15 min
prep time:
RPG: no


  • Ask participants to make even pairs. 
  • In pairs, they choose who is A, who B
  • A stands stiffly with eyes closed and arms crossed over the chest, back to the person who is to receive him.  
  • A, after a predetermined ritual, drops into the arms of B (who brings him back up) and continues until the “receiver” blocks him.
  • The person “receiving” must have a firm stance: one leg must be in front of the other (as if he or she were to push something using arms and body). The hands should not be far from the person dropping: this is at least initially, and it will have to be up to the person receiving to decide when and how far to move the hands away.
  • Ritual: there is an initial concentration phase during which the receiving partner, without speaking, must “make the person who is dropping feel” that he is there ready to catch him.