How to use RPGs for education

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Are you searching for new, interactive,
and – what is the most important – 
entertaining ways to involve people in education?

One of the most effective ways to educate people is through games.

Discover how you can use Role-playing games and let youngsters experience things that would be impossible for them otherwise.

Let them become witcher, Harry Potter, or space fighter, and tackle important but complicated topics such as addiction, morality, or sex in a way that is safe for experimenting.

Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.

edu-RPGs? Really?

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What is it RP/LARP and how to use it

12th of June
Basic intro to the world of games in education with the focus on role playing and LARP

Francesco Vespa & Vojtěch Žák
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Non-formal education and RP/LARP

26th of June
What is the difference in between formal and non-formal education and its usage

Christian Seibel
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How to facilitate edu-RP/LARP

10th of July
How to keep the game safe and sound
What competencies can come handy

Vojtěch Žák & Simone Dell’Armi
See the recording

How to use RP/LARP online

24th of July
Ideas for online campaigns and tools that might come handy

Francesco Vespa & Barbora Stenglová
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Tying up loose ends

8th of August
Open discussion with all lecturers on how to use RP/LARP in education

Manuel Marchante
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Our webinars are meant for pedagogues, youth workers, youth leaders, educators… basically anybody who is working with young children, youth, and young adult, especially with an attempt to train them or educate them.

Yet, the webinars are open for everybody.  

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